6 Health Problems Caused by Lack of Sleep

By | January 15, 2019

Dark circles in the eye, nervous, hoarseness, and irritability are some of the effects of sleep time is minimal. Almost most people underestimate the problems arising from lack of sleep.

Difficulty sleeping disorders can experience by anyone. Sleep is a necessity and a signal that the body needs time to rest. By the time you sleep, the whole body is naturally doing repair or regeneration of cells from within. Your body actively produces hormones cortisol during sleep, the hormone that makes you more fresh and free from fatigue when awake tidur.Banyak factors that cause lack of sleep. It could be that you had no sleep because of the rush that requires you to spend the night to complete the task stack

These negative effects of sleep deprivation on health, as reported by Prevention.com.

Downhill Endurance Body

As we said in the previous paragraph, sleep is the process of cell regeneration from within. If you lack sleep, your immune system automatically weakened. Your body will be susceptible to even minor viruses, such as colds and coughs. Even if you manage your diet, without offset quality sleep, your immune system will not prime.

Cardiovascular disease

A study in 2010 published in the journal Sleep,
Researchers found participants who slept less than seven hours a night have an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, for women under 60 years of age and sleep five hours or less a night had twice the risk of heart disease.

Researchers from West Virginia University School of Medicine that reviewed data from 30,397 people who participated in the National Health Interview Study in 2005.


According to a study in the journal Diabetes in 2011, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University found that people with type 2 diabetes who sleep less at night have elevated levels of glucose nine percent higher. In fact, insulin levels rise to 30 percent higher, and insulin resistance levels 43 percent higher.
Diabetic patients with insomnia even worse conditions, glucose levels can be 23 percent higher insulin levels 48 percent higher insulin resistance and levels 82 percent higher than people with diabetes who do not have insomnia.

Breast Cancer

Researchers at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Sendai, Japan has been studied almost 24,000 women aged 40-79 years.
Researchers found that women who slept less than six hours a night have an increased risk of breast cancer is 62 percent higher, while those who slept less than nine hours a night had a 28 percent lower risk.
Colon cancer
A study of 1240 people published in 2011, researchers from Case Western University found people who slept less than six hours a night have a 47 percent higher risk of colorectal polyps, which can become cancerous, than those who had at least seven hours of sleep.

Difficult Emotions Unstable And Thinking

Sleep can lower stress levels, many studies prove it. Lack of sleep will make your brain does not get enough rest rations. Your body also experience fatigue because it had no natural recovery that occurs during sleep. This of course will cause you to be depressed due to fatigue. Your emotions become unstable and your concentration will decrease. You will find it hard to think and solve problems, even for the most minor problems though. You may even be easier senile and sloppy due to lack of sleep.

Terrible impact on health will target you if you continue to ignore the quality sleep and lack of sleep. Go to bed when it’s time to rest. With a healthy body and get enough rest, you are free to move throughout the day.

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