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Want a successful body without the hassle of a diet??? Of course, surely everyone mengenginkannya, if you are also interested ..! Please follow the instructions below.

To lose weight, many people go through a very strict diet agenda only to realize the desire and also has a slender body as their ideal. Diet schedule is so tight, often makes women reluctant to do so. And the key is not to starve diet, but to improve the diet and reduce the intake of servings usually while watching diasup nutrition.

Hmmm … Here is the right step slimming without dieting.

1. Consumption of vegetables

Research shows that when the food is served at the table, we tend to eat more. Therefore, replacing high-fat dish with vegetables on the menu was the best move. Eat green vegetables more than twice a day and you will feel satisfied with the results obtained without much effort on a diet.

2. Eat slowly

Take a break from eating schedule should be and enjoy your meal in peace sessions. Chew food slowly and enjoy every bite of your food. Feasting in haste just makes you eat a lot of the usual.

3. Choose whole grains that have not been processed

Choose whole-grain food sources in the daily intake. Food of wheat will increase your lipids (low cholesterol), thus helping you lose weight. In addition, consumption is also the type of food grains to be more healthy.

4. Focus on your target

Do you have a pair of jeans that want to be back? Or a dress that had long you use and not used anymore because it is no longer friends with your body. Well, if you want to use it again, hang ideals as high. Cultivate the desire that all the clothes can fit reused. So whenever you are exposed to tempting food such as fries, burgers, fried chicken and so on, that desire was slowly disappear due to the desire to terbenamkan your clothes fit again.

5. Bring your lunch to work

Always carry a lunch while you work or always carry fruit boxes when you do a picnic. Then bring also some bread, low-fat yogurt in your travels. Bring healthy foods will help you reach your dream of having a slim body. So, you can skip the habit of eating in the cafeteria this time and you can enjoy a meal dosing and menu that suits your needs. If cooking in the morning to rush activities to do, you could try the night before memersiapkan food making it easier for him in the morning.

6. Drinking green tea

Although not yet confirmed, several studies showed that green tea can increase the body’s ability to burn calories more through phytochemicals called catechins.

7. Walk 20 minutes every day

A study revealed that walking for 20 minutes a day (approximately one mile) can help you burn up to 100 calories more. So, get off the bus you are riding before the goal and use the rest of the distance on foot. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or parking a car some distance from the entrance to the mall while you shop.

8. Eat in a small plate

If you choose a plate 10 inches instead of 12 inches, your mind will only focus on that size. Though the amount of dishes you eat will affect dosing. So do not satisfy the instinct to eat a lot, but adjust it to the needs. To anticipate, use a dish that is not too big so that the food that goes in it is not too much.

9. Smart when choosing a menu in a restaurant

Eating in restaurants might destroy a balanced diet that you have lived before. Before it is threatening you, share it with your friends appetizer menu while eating at a restaurant. Then ask for a half portion of the main menu ordering.

Well, that was 9 ways slimming without dieting.

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