Side Effects Wear Braces Or stirrup

By | December 10, 2018

Braces or often called stirrup is already familiar among the people, who memfunyai function for after finish his teeth had not neatly be neat to a specific period.

In Indonesia, the use of braces began in 1980 and the increasingly popular idea in the early 2000s to the present. but in practice the installation of braces or stirrup is very dangerous if not done by the specialists but furthermore gigi.Untuk builders please see the side effects of braces or stirrup.

Use Side Effects stirrup

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Wire attached to the teeth often collide and can cause small sores on the lips and the inside of your cheek, Well, when you engage in sexual activities such as oral sex or even kissing, small cuts in your mouth will provide the entrance to the disease, including hepatitis and HIV, enters your bloodstream.

2. Allergy
Metal braces contain a variety of metals, including nickel, copper and chromium. Approximately 30 percent of orthodontic patients of all orthodontic patients allergic to other metals which can cause ear pain and congestion.

In addition, patients who did not have allergies before they wear braces potentially developing allergies after they use it. Fortunately, allergies to nickel, copper and cadmium were generally mild and easily treated by changing the type of metal used in braces.

3. Tartar
Since the area under and around the metal brackets and wires that are difficult to clean, the leftovers can be trapped in areas difficult to reach toothbrush, which leads to the buildup plek.

This results in people with metal braces can be high risk for tooth decay and gum disease. To avoid this problem, you must use a special brush to clean your teeth.

And that’s some of the side effects wear braces so make you use stirrup if your teeth are not neat, tidy but do not already wear stirrup just to join the trend only. may be useful.

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